Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A few update: emergency contact, school calendar and hide team store

A few updates:

Teams can now collect family emergency contact and school track info during the registration process.  The emergency info is optional and can be turned on/off on the Team Setup page.  School track info is on the swimmer page.

The emergency info, together with other family contact info, will be displayed in a new report.  It is under the Family menu -> View detail list.  This list is only available to super admins.

The swimmer school calendar info will be displayed in some of View swimmer lists, roster, as well as the roster export file.

If your team doesn't use the team store, you can now optionally hide the store menu by turning off the option on the Team Setup page.

For automatic lineup function, a new option is added to allow the seeding process to be based on the previous meet result instead of personal best times of the season.  On the lineup page, check the "Use previous meet result" checkbox to enable this feature.  When unchecked, seeding will be based on personal best times.

For teams that ask families to choose volunteer preferences (not actual jobs), please use the automatic volunteer assignment based on user preferences.  There should be a "+" icon at the top of the assignment page to start the auto assignment.  The icon is only available if your team asks families to choose preferences, not actual positions. 

For teams that used this web site last year, please don't forget to Close and Open the season on the Season Setup page.  This will clean up the seasonal data and prepare the site for the new season.