Friday, April 27, 2012

April update

Here is an update of recent changes.  Please take a look to see if you can take advantage of the new features.

New account requires super admin approval:
This optional setting is on the Team Setup page.  When it is turned on, if a user registers a new account, instead of receiving an email to verify the account, an email will be sent to the team email address (configured on the Team Setup page).  After receiving this email, the team administrator (must be a Super Admin) can go to the View family page and verify the new account (will be shown as grayed out).  To activate the new account, select the checkbox for the account, then scroll to the bottom of the page.  In the dropdown box, select "Lock / Unlock (Verify)" and click the Submit button.  Upon approval, the new account owner will be notified through email that the account has been activated.

Super admins can use the same method to help users to verify their accounts when they don't know how to or have lost the verification email.

Batch set meet attendance selection:
Some teams want to default meet attendance selection to "Yes", then manually de-select for those who will not attend a meet.  On the Meet Setup page, there are two new links "Attend all meets" and "Remove all meet selections".  The first link allows an admin to set every swimmer on the team to attend all meets for which they have not made selections.  The second link clears all existing meet selections.  DON'T use the two links if your team requires swimmers to make their own attendance selection.

The swim suit order feature during registration can now be customized to fit your team's needs for ordering items such as T-shirt per swimmer.  You can define the item's label on the Team Setup page.  Item sizes and prices can be defined on the Season Setup page.  The selected sizes for swimmers can be viewed in the Swimmer list pages.

Super admins now have a 2 hour session time out limit instead of the 30 minutes for regular users.

Supporting SMS text message to team members:
Admins can now send short text messages to cell phones through SMS (Admin menu: Other->Send messages).  Select the checkbox "Send text message" at the bottom of the page.  This allows instant broadcast of messages to team members (e.g. when weather is unpredictable before a meet or practice).  To be able to receive text messages, families must select their cell phone providers on the family info page.  Text messages can not be sent to users who have not selected their cell providers.  This optional feature is part of the premium options and will be charged separately (from 2013).  For 2012 season, it is free for all teams.