Monday, April 28, 2014

TSTM Social Event Signup

This function is to facilitate team social events management. Instead of using external signup web sites, admins can set up social events for team members to sign up within TSTM. Members can specify how many people will attend an event and add a comment along with the signup.

To set up a social event, go to the admin menu Setup->Social event . You can create a new event or delete an existing event.  Each event can have a name, description, a URL and an attachment. It also allows members to specify how many adults and children will attend the event. To view the sign up results, click on the Signup column for the event.

Team members will see the list of available events from their menu after logging in and click on the Social event menu item on the left. They select the events to attend by selecting the corresponding checkboxes and specify the number people will attend the event.