Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Seasonal checklist

At the very beginning of a season:

Make sure your team past season data is cleaned. To do so, go to the Season Setup page and set the Status to Close. This will clear and archive all past season data. Then change the Status to Open.

Go to Team Setup and Season Setup pages to review all settings. Make necessary changes for the new season.

Go to the Other->Manage roles page and update roles for the new season.

Let me know of your admin changes (if any) so I can update the mailing list.

After all swimmers are registered:

If any families in the View families page is grayed out, please resolve them. This means that these families never verified their registration by clicking on the link sent to them in the registration email. Admins can help them to verify their accounts on this page by selecting the checkbox of the corresponding families and scroll to the bottom of the page, selection action "Lock / unlock (verify)" and then submit.

Generate the TSA required swimmer roster file. Go to Swimmers->View by criteria. Then click on Export "Roster" (upper right corner) and then download the file: TSA Swimmer Roster CSV File.

Download the TSTM Emergency file. Go to the Season setup page. Click on the red cross icon (upper right corner) and wait for the green download icon to appear. Click on the green download icon to save the zip file on your local computer. This zip file contains important team data (family list, volunteer info, swimmer roster and meet attendance) and can be very useful when the web site is unavailable. We hope you never need to use this file, but just like an insurance, it is better to have it in case the unexpected happens.

For teams using Hy-Tek, it is very important to synchronize the swimmer roster between TSTM and Hy-Tek. Please use directions here:

Freeze volunteer assignment/selection:

Two weeks before the first dual meet, you can freeze up the volunteer assignment/selection. Go to the Season Setup page and change the Status to Freeze to prevent members deselecting their assignment or selections. They can request switching jobs afterwards.

For teams using volunteer preference selection method (instead of first come first serve), there is an automatic volunteer assignment feature. Please take a look here. You need to freeze the season for families to see their assignment.

Before each dual meet:

Majority teams used TSTM's automatic lineup. If your team has new coaches or admins using the auto lineup and needing help, please use these instructions. They can email me directly if they have questions.

Print heat sheets and persoanl best time labels:

Invoice date:

6/20 is the invoice date and your team due will be finalized at 3AM. Please make sure you don't have duplicated swimmer registration before that time.  Invoice can be viewed in the Team Setup page (upper right corner). You can send in payment by check or Paypal (non-credit card payment). Payment is expected to be received on or before 7/20.

Late fees: Due to a growing number of teams paying late in recent years, we reluctantly introduced late fees to encourage teams paying on time. Your payment check will not be cashed before 7/20 no matter when it is received. If a payment is not received by 7/20, there will be a 5% late fee. Each additional month past due will have an increment of 1% late fees.

Admin guide: