Saturday, July 27, 2013

Meet result in CSV file format and import a meet result file

The feature to import meet results is for teams not using Hy-Tek or don't have internet access at the pool and want to enter data into a file for later upload to TSTM when internet is available.

There are two formats you can use to enter meet results in a CSV file.

1. By event number:

The file has a header line (only the first line) as the following:

Starting from the second line, you should enter a TSA event number in the first column, swimmer's ID or number in the second column and the time in the third column.

TSA event numbers are in this TSA document:

The event column can be left empty if it continues the same event from the previous line.  It is only required if the event is different from the previous line.

The time column can be entered in any of the following formats.

Example: the time is 1:23.45
The valid time strings are:

2. By stroke:
The file has a header line (only the first line) as the following:

Starting from the second line, you should enter one of the 4 strokes as the following.
Example for stroke column:
Free or Fr or fr or 1
Back or Bk or Ba or bk or ba or 2
Breast or Br or br or 3
Fly or Fl or fl or 4

The stroke column can be left empty if it continues the same stroke from the previous line.  It is only required if the stroke is different from the previous line.

The second and third columns are the same as described in "By event number" above.

There are two template files for the two types of csv file at the following location.  You can download and save them as a .csv file.

To upload result from a .CSV file (or Hy-Tek .zip or .cl2 meet result file), go to the admin menu Meet->Manage results.  On the new page, select the meet you want to import.  Then click on the import meet result icon (the first icon on the right side of the meet dropdown box).  On the new import window, click on the Browse or Choose File button and look for the .csv file on your system.  Click the Ok button to import.  Note that if you use CSV format, the file name extension must be .csv.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meet Entry Export for TSA Championship or Cary City meet

Here are the steps to create a Hy-Tek compatible meet entry file for invitational meets:

Note this is a premium feature.

Meet creation:
Create a new meet on Championship Saturday or Sunday depending on your team's ranking or Cary City Meet.  Choose "TSA Championship" or "Cary Meet" as your opponent team. Choose Meet type "Other" and check the "Show strokes" checkbox.

Stroke selection:
Notify team members to sign up for this meet. They should also select their preferred strokes for each swimmer for this meet on the Meet selection page.

After strokes are selected, do the auto lineup (Meet->Lineup, etc).  Select 4 for Max events / per swimmer.  The lineup results for individual events only serve as stroke selection, not real lineup for the meet (unless this is for a dual meet), but for the relay teams, they are actual teams.  The seed times are personal best times.  For relay teams, the seed time is the sum of all swimmers' personal best times in the strokes they will swim.

If admin/coach wants to drop a stroke for a swimmer, they can switch into the family's account and make such changes. Another option is to use the pusher list, Meet Setup->pusher list (the 5th icon) for that meet to drop certain strokes.  Red color crossing out a name means a swimmer will NOT swim that stroke.  Don't use the Orange color because it only prevents a swimmer from attending the first heat.  When possible, use the family's Meet selection page instead of the pusher list to make stroke selections.

Meet entry export:
Go to the Meet Setup page and export the meet entry (third icon).  It should be a .ZIP file.  Pay attention to the date of the file to make sure it is just created.  Download the zip file and save it locally.  Send this file to the meet organizer.

Click on the report (6th) icon on the Meet Setup to create the Championship meet report (signup line items and total cost for the team).

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TSA Swim Team Manager user guide

This guide is for all TSTM administrators what needs to be done at what time throughout a season.  Team admininstrators come and go.  The purpose of this guide is to help them to learn and manage their TSTM team site smoothly.  It may take a new admin 15-20 minutes to read through various documents.  Once doing that, the admin should have a good understanding what features the system offers and how to do most of the tasks.  Doing things as designed in TSTM could save you and other volunteers a lot of time comparing to using traditional manual processes.

All new admins are highly recommended to read through the basic admin guide page at:

Close and Reopen the season:
Before a new season starts, an admin must close the previous season and reopen the season on the Season Setup page.  This cleans up all past seasonal data and prepare for the new season.  Once a new season is open, please use the above guide to prepare the site for a new season.

Team due and the premium options:
On 6/20 (at 3:00AM), team due and the premium features will be locked in for the season.  Before this date, please double check the premium option setting on the Team Setup page (only super admins have access) and make sure all active swimmers are accurate (e.g. no duplicates, which may cost team extra unnecessarily).

Collaborating with Hy-Tek:
For teams using Hy-Tek, after all swimmers are registered online (mid to late May), you should export swimmer roster from TSTM and import it into Hy-Tek.  Please read the following link for details.

Volunteer assignment:
There are two volunteer assignment options in TSTM.  One is first come first serve.  The other type is to allow families to specify their preferred job types and which meets they are available to work.  Actual assignment is assigned by admins or the system (auto assignment).  This option is on the Team Set up page.  If you want to use the second option, there is a guide for it.

Automatic line up:
Before a meet, if your team plans to use the automatic line up function, please follow the directions in the following blog.

Printing functions:
With the result from an automatic line up, you can also print main event heat sheets and TSA meet sheets.  Please read directions below.

Import meet results:
After a meet, you can either enter the meet results at the TSTM web site, or if your team uses Hy-Tek to collect meet results, you can import the meet results from an exported Hy-Tek meet result file (.cl2 or .zip).

Import meet results in .CSV file format:

Create Hy-Tek compatible meet entry file:

Still have questions:
Feel free to send me an email.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Automatic line up (seeding) function conforming TSA rules

Properly line up a meet is always a time consuming task.  I was told that coaches spent many hours working on this before a meet.  TSTM has a built-in function that can automatically calculate line up for a dual meet based on swimmer's past performance in a matter of seconds.  The results are based on past personal best and conform TSA max 3 main events per swimmer rule.  For top swimmers that are good at all 4 strokes, the program will attempt to drop a stroke so that the overall time is best benefiting the team.  Swim up is also supported as a premium feature.  Swimmers will be considered in the line up process only if they select the meet in their meet selection page.  Relay line up also honors swimmer's selection.  If you don't see your favorite swimmer to show up in a main event or relay, please check if that swimmer selects to participate the meet and relays.  Please inform families that it is very important to keep up with the meet attendance selection so the line up process can be more accurate.

To use to automatic line up feature, here are the steps.

Log in and go to the admin area (click the Team administration link at the top of the page)

Click menu Meets->Line up.  You will see a new window popup with swimmers' personal best from past meets in the current season.  Line up for the season's first meet requires results from the time trial.  Otherwise, the system has no data to base on when calculating the line up.

Click on the "Line up" link at the upper left corner of the page.  You should see the page with the following content.

Select line up options:

Select a meet that you plan to line up for.
Select the maximum events a swimmer can swim in the meet.  Note that even if you choose 4, all swimmers can only swim maximum 3 main events.  The 4th event will be arranged in heat 2 or later.  For 6&Under swimmers, their maximum events will be the selected number minus 1 because they don't swim butterfly.
Select maximum how many relay teams you want to generate (in the case of a large team that may have too many relay teams)
If your team does line up based on previous meet result instead of personal best time, check the checkbox "Use previous meet result".
When choosing "Use previous meet result", select "Use PB if NT" to use personal best time to be the default times when the swimmer didn't attend the previous meet.
Check the "Swim up" checkbox if your team needs that feature for relay line up (premium option)
Select the number of lane the pool has.  The system may already select it for you, but do double check it.
Select the lane type (odd or even).  The system may already select it for you, but do double check it.

When all options are set, click on the "Line up" button.

Wait up to 30 seconds, you should see the line up results coming back.  Line up results can be displayed by the order of swimming (heat) or by swimmer name.  You can click on the "Load/List by name" button if you want to see the results sorted by swimmer names with their heat, lane and stroke assignment.

To override automatic line up results, there are two things you can do.  One is to use the pusher list to eliminate certain swimmers from swimming a particular stroke.  To access the pusher list, you click on the Menu Meets->Setup.  On that page, find the meet you are working on and click on the 4th icon to open the pusher list.  On the pusher list, select an age group you want to work on.  When the swimmer names show up, you can click on their number to remove a swimmer from the meet (absence) or click on the name under a stroke to remove that swimmer from attending that event.  Then re-run the line up routine and the program will consider your pusher list selection when doing line up.

I am not recommending this second option because it is not easy to use, but you can manually edit the line up results on the web too.  Click on the "Edit/Refresh" button, then you can double click on a heat or lane for a swimmer and override it.  Once you start doing manual editing, you will have to manage the line up to meet TSA rules.  The system will no longer track that, so please be very careful if you have to use this option.

Important: If you made manual changes after an auto lineup, please click on the "Load/list by name" button on the lineup page to verify if you have any conflicts. Any items displayed in red must be fixed.

Once you are satisfied with the line up results, you can publish it (upper right corner) so the team members can see it.  You can also withdraw a published line up by Unpublishing it.  Team members can view the line up from their Meet selection page.

With the line up results, you can also print main event ribbon and TSA meet sheets.  On the Meet Setup page, click on the ribbon icon for the meet.  You will see a new window open with several functions.  You can print personal best ribbon labels after meet result is entered, print main event ribbon label and TSA meet sheets (blue or pink) before a meet.  Download these files from the web site and open them in Word or Excel to print.