Friday, August 31, 2012

TSTM premium features

Premium features in general require more system resources during service time and/or extensive development work that may only benefit some of the teams.  The total cost will be automatically calculated for each team on the Team Setup page.

Current premium features:

- Send text messages to team members.  This feature allows administrators to broadcast text messages directly to members' registered cell phones so they can be notified with the most up to date information such as inclement weather.

- Display sponsor ads on  the front page with images, texts and URLs.  Please reduce image size to be no larger than 150 pixel per dimension.

- Export meet entries created by TSTM auto lineup program and and import into Hy-Tek Team Manager.  This is useful when the meet organizing party (Championship meet or dual meets)  requires meet entry in Hy-Tek format.

- Social event management and sign up.

- Volunteer positions can now be associated with two new meet types "Trial and Other" (in addition to Home and Away).  This should make admin's life easier when some positions are only created for a non-dual meet.  Each position is associated with a meet type.  The following is a chart that shows which type of position is available for which type of meet.

Meet type                Position for meet type
                    Home     Away     Trial     Other
Home              X            X
Away                             X
Trial                               X          X
Other                                                      X

- For non-dual meets (meet type: Other), teams can now ask swimmers to select the strokes they prefer to swim.  When a meet is set to type "Other", swimmers can do stroke selection online.  A report can be generated based on such data from the Meet report page (linked from Meet Setup page).

- Swim up: this is an option available on the Line up page.  When enabled, swimmers from lower age groups who are not lined up to swim relay in their own age group (due to not enough swimmers or too many relay teams) can be moved to a higher age group to be considered in a relay team.  The program uses personal best data and adjusts times based on distances so that various age group swimmers' time can be comparable during line up.  Due to various reasons, it may not create every relay team perfectly so validation from coaches and admins are recommended.

- Live data entry at the pool.  Enter swimmers' meet results through a mobile device so families can see their swimmers' result at the pool via browser on their mobile devices.  Only users with Coach, Admin or Super admin roles can enter results.  The URL to access the web interface is:

*Note*: You should NOT use this method as the only way to record meet times.  Please make sure that you have another method to record times (such as on paper) at the pool in case of technical difficulties (such as set up or network problems) or the web site goes down during a meet.