Wednesday, May 1, 2013

TSA Swim Team Manager user guide

This guide is for all TSTM administrators what needs to be done at what time throughout a season.  Team admininstrators come and go.  The purpose of this guide is to help them to learn and manage their TSTM team site smoothly.  It may take a new admin 15-20 minutes to read through various documents.  Once doing that, the admin should have a good understanding what features the system offers and how to do most of the tasks.  Doing things as designed in TSTM could save you and other volunteers a lot of time comparing to using traditional manual processes.

All new admins are highly recommended to read through the basic admin guide page at:

Close and Reopen the season:
Before a new season starts, an admin must close the previous season and reopen the season on the Season Setup page.  This cleans up all past seasonal data and prepare for the new season.  Once a new season is open, please use the above guide to prepare the site for a new season.

Team due and the premium options:
On 6/20 (at 3:00AM), team due and the premium features will be locked in for the season.  Before this date, please double check the premium option setting on the Team Setup page (only super admins have access) and make sure all active swimmers are accurate (e.g. no duplicates, which may cost team extra unnecessarily).

Collaborating with Hy-Tek:
For teams using Hy-Tek, after all swimmers are registered online (mid to late May), you should export swimmer roster from TSTM and import it into Hy-Tek.  Please read the following link for details.

Volunteer assignment:
There are two volunteer assignment options in TSTM.  One is first come first serve.  The other type is to allow families to specify their preferred job types and which meets they are available to work.  Actual assignment is assigned by admins or the system (auto assignment).  This option is on the Team Set up page.  If you want to use the second option, there is a guide for it.

Automatic line up:
Before a meet, if your team plans to use the automatic line up function, please follow the directions in the following blog.

Printing functions:
With the result from an automatic line up, you can also print main event heat sheets and TSA meet sheets.  Please read directions below.

Import meet results:
After a meet, you can either enter the meet results at the TSTM web site, or if your team uses Hy-Tek to collect meet results, you can import the meet results from an exported Hy-Tek meet result file (.cl2 or .zip).

Import meet results in .CSV file format:

Create Hy-Tek compatible meet entry file:

Still have questions:
Feel free to send me an email.