Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Preparing lineup for the trial meet

TSTM does lineup based on past personal best times. For the very first meet in a season, in order to make the lineup meaningful, we will need the results from the past season. If your team has the premium features enabled, on the Meet Setup page, at the lower right corner, there should be two arrows. The left arrow will activate meets from last year and right arrow will deactivate them.

Here are the steps to prepare a lineup for a trial meet:

Activate the past season meets.

Go to menu Meets->Line up

In the popup window, you should see personal best times calculated from past season meets.

Click on the link Lineup at the upper left corner.

Select the trial meet in the drop down box (probably already selected for you)

Select max 4 events per swimmer.

Select 0 relay teams.

Select "All" for lane type.

Click on the Line up button.

When the lineup shows up, click on the blue ribbon icon at the upper right corner.

In the new window, select "all heats" checkbox at the upper right corner.

Click on Create Event Sheets button.

Download "TSA Boy Main Event File" (for printing on blue sheets).

Download "TSA Girl Main Event File" (for printing on pink sheets).

Download the Heat Sheet CSV File (view it in Excel).

Go back to the Meet Setup page and deactivate (right arrow) the past season meets!

That is all!