Friday, September 21, 2012

Synchronizing swimmer roster in TSTM and Hy-Tek

To better utilize the features of TSTM, teams using Hy-Tek software should do the following once a season. This can save a lot of typing work in Hy-Tek.  It should be done after all swimmers are registered online.  Without synchronizing data in the two systems, it will be hard for later operations such as importing meet results from Hy-Tek to TSTM.  Manually entering results in both systems is NOT fun!

Here are the steps:

1. Wait until all swimmers are registered online in TSTM.

2. In TSTM, choose a swimmer numbering method and assign swimmer numbers.
Team Administration->Swimmers (menu)->Assign numbers->Choose a numbering method.

3. Export swimmer roster from TSTM to Hy-Tek format files.
Team Administration->Swimmers (menu)->View roster.
Click on the link "Export roster" at the upper right corner of the roster page.

4. Download the exported file (full_roster.hy3) to your local hard drive.

5. Start Hy-Tek Team Manager
Backup your Hy-Tek database (just in case you need to rollback any changes).
File (menu) ->Backup -> Choose a location to backup your Hy-Tek database

6. Import swimmer roster
File (menu) ->Import-> Athlete rosters.
Use the file selector dialog window, navigate to the full_roster.hy3 file downloaded from TSTM.
On the import dialog window, make sure the checkbox "Overlay existing administrative information" is checked.
Click the OK button to complete the import.

Now you should have the swimmer data synchronized in both systems.  Later in the season, if there are any roster changes, such as adding a new swimmer, you can do the above process again or manually make changes in both systems.

Please email me with any questions.