Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Transfer from one team to another

As the number of teams using TSTM grows, more and more families have the need to switch from one team to another due to moving or changing clubs. In the past, all such requests are manually handled by me.  To facilitate such changes by all teams, a new feature has been implemented so that such team transfer can be accomplished between the transferring family and the new team administrators. Please save this link so you can refer to it when a family requests to be transferred to your team.

To securely transfer a family from one team to another, there are three steps needed.

1. The family goes to their Family information tab. At the lower right corner, there is a new drop down labeled "Transfer to". The family selects the new team they want to join and click the button "Go" on the right. An email will be sent out to the new team's administrators. BTW, this admin email address is set on the Team Setup page. Multiple emails can be set in that field delimited by commas.

2. When the new team admins receive such an email, s/he should validate if this request is true, not someone plays a hoax or accidental. The best way is probably through email or phone call. Once the admins confirm the request is legitimate, s/he should click on the link that is included in the transfer request email. The transfer is then approved and an email will be sent back to the family.

3. When the family receives the email from new team's admin, s/he should click on the link included in the email to complete the transfer. Note that the actual team transfer is done in the third step. The first two step hand-shake is just to make sure neither party makes any mistakes and the transfer is agreed by both parties.

In the past, all family transferred to a new team would lose their swimmer's past meet results. There is an improvement such that the past results will be carried over with the swimmer to the new team.

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