Friday, February 3, 2012

New feature to allow manual tweak of the automated lineup process

Although automated lineup process is fast and accurate by personal best times, there are times that coaches want to drop certain swimmers from the main events of some strokes because these young swimmers cannot legally swim these strokes, even though they may have faster personal best times.  There can be other reasons to remove a swimmer from a stroke. A new feature has just been implemented to allow coaches to specify such exclusions before the automated lineup so their choices will be considered in the process.

To use this new feature, you can go to Meet Setup page, and click on the Kid pusher list icon for a meet.

When the pusher list shows up, select an age group.  You should see all swimmers in that age group in all strokes.  If a swimmer is absent from this meet, clicking on the swimmer's number (under any stroke) will remove the swimmer from all 4 strokes (including relays).  You can see the swimmer's name struck out in all 4 strokes.  Clicking on the swimmer's number again will bring the swimmer back and enable him/her in all strokes.

To remove a swimmer from participating the main events of specific strokes (including Team A relays), click on the swimmer's name under that stroke.  You should see the name becomes struck out in orange.  Line up process will not use such swimmers in main events of such strokes (including such strokes in relays).  They will still be considered for non-main event swimming for these strokes. Clicking on the name a second time, the name will be struck out in red. This means the swimmer will not swim this stroke in any heat. They could still swim relays (including team A relays). Clicking on the name a third time will clear all such restrictions.

To remove a swimmer from a main event, but still allow him/her to swim team A relay in that stroke, you can click on the time of that stroke when the name struck out in orange. The time should become green.

To better use the Kid pusher list and the auto line up program, you can put both windows side by side.  Tweak the pusher list and rerun the line up program to see the results.  Hope this new feature helps coaches or admins do lineup more accurately and efficiently. There is only one pusher list across all meets so please check it for every meet before running the auto lineup.

Important: auto lineup honors the pusher list but will overwrite any manual lineup or manual edit changes. The manual processes are the last resort to adjust an auto lineup. Unlike using the pusher list, manual changes will NOT update the exported forms on the Lineup page (upper right corner). The only export that will include manual changes are on the page that is launched from the blue ribbon icon, which includes TSA pink/blue forms, heat/time/pusher sheets and hy-tek meet entries. Use the pusher list when possible and minimize the use of the manual edits.

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