Monday, February 6, 2012

Printing features for TSA Swim Team Manager

Teams have been using software to print personal best labels.  One of the teams asked me about such features so I implemented the following three printing options, hopefully further reducing volunteer workload.

1. Personal best labels on Avery 5160 (or its compatible 3 X 10) label sheets.  You can either import Hy-Tek meet result file or manually enter the results for a meet to the web site.  The system will calculate personal best for all swimmers and generate a file containing formatted pre-filled labels for you to download and print locally (MS Word required).

2. Main event labels on Avery 5160.  If you use the online automatic line up program, similar labels for the main event swimmers (individual and relays) can be generated.  You can put such labels on the back of the main event ribbons.

3. TSA event sheets: If you use the online automatic line up program, TSA event sheets (blue and pink forms from TSA can be generated as Microsoft Excel files. You can download such files (one file for boy events and one for girl events) and print them locally on colored paper.

Do automatic line up for the meet.
Go to the Meet Setup page.
Click on the blue ribbon icon corresponding to the meet you want to print these forms.
On the popup window, click on the "Create Event Sheets" button.
Download (right mouse click on the file name and select "Save link as ...") the TSABoyEventSheet.xls and TSAGirlEventSheet.xls files to the local hard drive.
Use windows explorer to locate  the downloaded files.
Double click on the file to open it.
You should see the main events line up results pre-filled in the TSA forms.
Print the boy's file on blue paper and girl's file on pink paper.
Cut the paper so each event is on its own piece of paper.

BTW, for teams using WinSwim, the automatic line up results can be imported into WinSwim so line up efforts can be greatly reduced.

Thank you!

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